We know you have choice of suppliers and we are just one, but not surprisingly we believe we are the very best and here are few issues for you to consider:

Our display

The Smart-Ex1202 and 1302 have a magnificent 1000 Nit projective capacitive daylight viewable touch-screen with a glass front. It is genuinely glove-friendly and is impervious to water and bugs.

> The alternatives

Our competition fit lower brightness displays that use resistive touch screen technology, some use a plastic coating that gets worn which is very hard to clean and not glove friendly.

Uncompromised processing power

Our processors work at the quoted speed even at the very top end of the temperature range.

> The alternatives

Ask our competitors how they achieve their temperature range and you will find that the CPU is throttled back, no throttling back for us!

Easy maintenance

The Smart-Ex1202 and 1302 have been designed to be field maintainable. In the unlikely event that you need to get inside it there are just a few captive screws and the job's done. Once inside all modules are easily accessible, the display locks open with our innovative hinge arrangement.

> The alternatives

Our competitors claim "field maintainability", maybe so, but you may need to remove as many as 34 screws, non-captive by the way, to get inside before you even start. And once inside getting to the modules requires serious dexterity, always assuming the front panel and display hasn't fallen on the floor.


All of our Zone 2 products have the widest range of certifications available in the sector, and the ingress rating is a robust IP66/Nema 4x.

> The alternatives

Currently, GE's Wolverine III is only ATEX Zone 2 certified and Azonix's Barracuda can only claim IP56 ingress rating.


Manufacturing Smart-Ex product

Smart-Ex is customer focused which means that we're prepared to integrate third party electronics into our products.We'll go the whole distance to meet your needs, delivering tailored and fully Certified HMI's which exactly meets your requirements - and in low volume.

> The alternatives

Just ask them to do that and see what they say, order 1000 units and they may respond to your needs.


Smart-Ex is customer friendly, lists its entire management team on its web site by name and is transparent. The distance from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy is a couple of steps.

> The alternatives

Try telephoning the CEO of any competitor and see how far you get. No gatekeepers at Smart-Ex.


Which is why we don't just innovate when designing HMIs. We have invested the same level of creativity, commitment and resource into designing our after sales service.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a game changer. Designed to SCORM standards it enables you to carry out routine maintenance in the field, saving you time and money. A LOT of money.

No more punishing export and import duties – up to 100% in some territories – as you ship your unit back to the repair center. We give you the tools you need to get yourself up and running again fast.